What Are Teeth Implants – Its Benefits, Cost and Durability

What Are Teeth Implants – Its Benefits, Cost and Durability

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Teeth implants are a process used to replace teeth in case you have lost it for any reason.  These implants look like healthy teeth and are made of titanium. You can have implants for as many teeth as you need. The dentist makes sure you have a healthy bone and gums to support the implants.

Dental implants have many advantages especially if you have the habit of chewing food. They help you to preserve teeth which are healthy and also prohibiting bone loss. Besides, it is also beneficial to provide you a long-term value, as compared to any other conventional way of teeth replacement.

Five reasons why teeth implant is popular

They are designed in a way which looks as natural as normal teeth. They also help you in preserving jaw bone and reduce bone resorption magnificently.


If you can maintain it well, it can last for a long time and be extremely efficient in it.

High success rate

If you can properly maintain and take care of the implants, the implants have a higher chance of success rate as compared to any other traditional replacement procedure.

Improving ability to chew and digest

Implants are being affixed in your jaw bone like any other natural teeth. Replacing your lost teeth can help you build in confidence, chew food properly and speak clearly.

Improvement in facial feature

For teeth implant, it is not needed to cut down adjacent teeth in building bridgework. That helps in preserving jaw bone without affecting your facial structure.

How much teeth implants cost?

The cost of teeth implants varies from place to place and apparently, insurance company doesn’t cover much of it. Approximately, a person can expect to pay around 3500$ for implant.

This is usually the cost of whole procedure. Apart from that, if you are looking for some additional procedures, the cost might increase accordingly.

Also, along with the cost of transportation and the number of visits following the procedure, might also be considered.

How long teeth implants last?

As long as you take proper care of your teeth and maintain it well, it can last you a lifetime.

You must brush and floss as instructed during your surgery. You might also be suggested to get an additional cleaning kit to help you keep your teeth in a well-maintained way for longevity.

You should know it well that this tooth might not get cavities like other natural teeth but it will go through natural wear and tear and you might need to be careful in maintaining them.

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