The Myths of Cellulite Busted!

The Myths of Cellulite Busted!

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  As we all know, cellulite is an occurring condition of the body wherein your skin looks dimpled. It is also called orange-peel skin because it resembles orange peel. However, what it is and what causes it have gotten people confused. Several myths disguised as facts have affected how people understand and approach cellulite. So to finally put false information to rest, here are several cellulite myths and the truth (if there is) behind them.

  1. Cellulite is just excess fat.

What is true in this statement is that cellulite is partly caused by fat. However, cellulite also forms even if you don’t have much fat because the loose connective tissues easily make way for any kind of fat to go through and produce the dimple-like appearance. You can prove this just by comparing someone who is fat who doesn’t have cellulite with someone who is fat who does. You can see that a person can be stout without having cellulite because the structure of the fat isn’t dimpled. Instead, they just look like folds.

So, it isn’t true that losing weight will remove all signs of cellulite. It can help reduce the appearance of cellulite since there will be less fat to push through the tissues, but as long as your connective tissues are loose, there can always be cellulite.

  1. Only women experience cellulite.

If you’ve read the first myth you can already say that this statement isn’t true. Men get cellulite as much as women because this condition is not gender-specific. In fact, the appearance of cellulite is more lifestyle-dependent than it is gender-dependent. Take for example, that men consume more alcohol than the amount of energy they burn. If this happens and the collagen production is low to keep their skin tissues tight and elastic, cellulite can already show. Dr. Georgios, who studied cellulite for a decade, even mentions that everyone has the pre-cellulite fat pocket in their hips and thighs.

  1. Body brushing removes cellulite.

There is no hint of truth here as well as no scientific evidence. Body brushing is said to improve the blood flow in the affected areas and it can start to fight off cellulite. In reality, this isn’t the case because all that body brushing does is remove the dead and dirty skin cells in those areas. This is because cellulite is not an epidermis condition. Cellulite is actually a subdermis condition that is deeper inside your body than just the skin you see. Attacking the subdermis part of the skin will be more effective in removing cellulite than any type of scrubbing.

  1. “Cellulite creams remove cellulite”

Similar to body brushing, cellulite creams are not as effective as they seem. Although there are also a number of creams that have the right amount of cellulite-fighting ingredients, most products women purchase are not that effective. When a cream advertises itself as removing cellulite in less than a month, you should know that this is too good to be true. Going back to the real cause of cellulite, you will realize that just dabbing on cream is not going to help you get rid of it.


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