Gardening is one of the Best Ways to Get Stress Relief

Gardening is one of the Best Ways to Get Stress Relief

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First of all, gardening may not be possible or convenient for everyone. In fact, this is especially true for anyone living in tall towers, apartment buildings, or in arid climates inhospitable for plant life. Furthermore, gardening may not be your thing.

But for those who like gardening and have the means for growing a garden, gardening is a great stress reliever. Moreover, a study in the Journal of Health Psychology reported that gardening decreased the stress hormone cortisol and improved mood.  Most importantly, some of the reasons gardening is a stress reliever include:

  • First of all, being out in the sunlight actually improves your mood. Most notably, sunlight provides vitamin D. And, the fresh air makes you feel alive as well as being good for your health.
  • Next, being in touch with nature helps you feel more removed from everyday stresses. Consequently, having a garden allows you to get that feeling right away.
  • Also, the beauty of nature is a great stress reliever. Moreover, the backyard garden offers that beauty as a place for contemplation, meditation, and relaxation.
  • In addition, creating a garden in your backyard can bring you peace and joy.
  • Finally, gardening gives you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when the seeds you planted turn to plants with vegetables or flowers.

Other popular methods to get relief from stress are illustrated in the infographic.

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