Five Treatment Options for Irritable Bowel Movement

Five Treatment Options for Irritable Bowel Movement

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When it comes to treating irritable bowel syndrome or IBS, it is important to understand the disease and its complexity as a disorder. Patients must work with their healthcare providers to experience improvements and have control over the symptoms of the IBS. Here are some ways to treat IBS:

Making Lifestyle Changes

Changing things in your life you have control over is important to treat IBS. For instance, you have to assess any stress- or dietary related factors which may have to do with the symptoms of the disease. If you experience abdominal discomfort or pain after eating, you may have to eat smaller and more frequent meals. Discuss your experience with your doctor. Meanwhile, stress may lead to worsening or onset of IBS symptoms and related to non-bowel symptoms like a lack of energy and fatigue.

Taking Medications

In case lifestyle changes are not enough to treat IBS symptoms, some medications may be prescribed to you by your doctor. These include anti-diarrheal agents, antispasmodics, anti-anxiety medicines and laxatives. Some medications like low-dose antidepressant agents may be prescribed to you to relieve the pain and improve bowel habit changes.

Psychological Therapies

Some individuals with IBS may benefit from behavioral and psychological therapies. These therapies include hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy and relaxation training.  Behavioral therapy or skilled counseling is likely to help you with understanding yourself and determining personal traits or issues you can deal with. Being able to talk to a professional lets you discuss personal matters without having to worry about being blamed or recriminated.

Taking Probiotics

There are trillions of bacteria in your digestive tract. According to studies, these bacteria’s composition may impact different aspects of health and disease. Some evidence shows that some probiotics may help in improving the symptoms of IBS.

Using Alternative Medications

CAM therapies like acupuncture, mindfulness meditation, herbal therapy and yoga are being assessed in people with IBS. Studies on acupuncture show that a positive relationship between the provider and patient during the treatment can provide a benefit in treating IBS.

Irritable bowel movement can have symptoms like pain and cramping, constipation, diarrhea, bowel movement changes, bloating and food intolerance. Those who experience these symptoms should visit their doctor to have the right diagnosis. They will undergo endoscopy that involves the use of random endoscopic biopsies of the rectum or colon. If you suspect that you have IBS, talk to your doctor to get a referral to Hermann North Houston Endoscopy and Surgery.



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